Projects: December Daily 2015 - DONE

I know, I know it's March, and I am recapping my 2015 December Daily.  Well, that's how it goes sometimes.  Even though this is a daily documentation project - I never manage to complete it in December.  I have given myself permission to finish this book at my pace.  It's totally OK!!
I love this project, and this is my 7th year of completing this little album - WOO HOO!!  Each book is a window into what was happening at this very busy time.  One reason I still love this project is that the album is never the same, and I don't force the completion.  It comes when it is ready.

December 2015 wasn't your average holiday season around our house.  I had surgery in the middle of the month and I was changing my career.  My WHY for capturing the month had less to do with the holidays and more with how I felt leading up to the surgery and my recovery and what was next for me.  It was the perfect project at the perfect time.

To keep things simple, I used a two of the kits from Ali Edward's shop.  It turns out I journaled more that I have in the past, and expect that I am going to find this to be an important album when I look back.

Here is a flip thru of my completed album:

If you wanted to do this project but didn't or started and gave up on this project and have some regrets don't.  You can still do it.  Go back and print your December pictures, look in your calendar see what you did.  Look around for any random memorabilia.  You can still document these days.  Keep it simple - do what you can.  Maybe you only want to do the holiday week - that's awesome - go for it!

There is no right or wrong way.  For several years, I believed I could NOT do this project because:

  • I didn't have kids
  • I didn't have your average traditions
  • My local family was small
  • I had just a couple of pictures
  • My photos weren't very good

None of that turns out to be true.  Anyone can create a daily book!!  One of my favorite December Daily books has no photos.  You read that correctly - NO PHOTOS!  It is a compilation of STUFF that I punched and put on rings throughout December 2009.  When I look through that scrappy album it I am transported back to those moments and memories.  These snippets of my activities with friends and family are dear to me.  Look how fun a random collection of things can be:

This project can work in ways that we haven't yet imagined.  Just go for it!! Capture your story.  It matters!  You matter!  Young, old, big family or if it just you - all of the little parts of your journey are worth capturing.

Right now I am using my planner to keep track of daily tasks, memories and memorabilia.  This is creating habit and a place to keep all of the little bits of things that make up my life.  This way when I go to do the next project ...could updates to my project life album or the 2016 December daily...I will have one resource for all of the info and stuff gathering - and if I have them add pictures.

Need some goodies to add to your planner or journal - check out the Mercantile Mail kit here.  You will find stickers, journaling cards and more in the kits that will help you document your story!