Obsession: Fave podcasts right now

I missed my Fab 5 post last week - life just got in the way.  Onwards...Today it's my current obsession: Podcasts!  These are my top 5 :)

I just started listening to podcasts.  Yep, I was late to the party.  That doesn't, however, mean I haven't embraced them thoroughly.  Now all I listen to on a regular basis are podcasts and the Hamilton musical.  I am trying to go all in with the Hamilton musical, but that's a different post. 

There is (I hope) something here for everyone!  Enjoy!  If you have a favorite podcast...let me know!!  I need more listening material :)

Stuff You Missed in History Class: This is great listen. You will hear fantastic non-fiction tales that you will be glad you listened to.  Your hosts are Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey.  They will share with you the story behind the building of the Disney Haunted Mansion, of Crayola crayons and the history of the Whiskey Rebellion.  Often I can't stop listening and need to remind myself the recordings will be there in the morning.

Freakonomics:  Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt help you discover the hidden side of everything.  You never know what topics they will be tackling.  Subjects include finding the perfect hamburger, the gender pay gap, the Dilbert index and much more.  After a few episodes you are sure to consider yourself part of the "freak club" and it is a great club to be in.

Raise Your Hand and Say Yes :  Full Disclosure - Tiffany Han the host  is my friend and my business coach.  But, I would listen to her even if I didn't know her in real life.  She describes it as a podcast about the creative adventures of (extra)ordinary people.  I love the way she weaves learnings in with a poignant story.  Most of the interviews are with creative women, but not always.  One of my recent faves was a broadcast where Tiffany talked with Kate McCombs - a sex educator.  The advice was fun and you learned a few life lessons you would have never expected.

Call Your Girlfriend:  This is one of those listens that will leave you thinking or laughing or rushing off to try something new or needing to call your best girlfriend.  Your hosts are  Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow.  The show is comprised of their weekly phone calls...they check in with each other and share on everything.  You can find out their opinion on:  Why women shouldn't have a candy dish at work,  Lady's annual exams and how they feel about nudist resorts.  Note: there are explicit episodes so you may not want to listen with wee ones in the car.

Radio Cherry Bomb: This podcast is for foodies and non-foodies alike.  If you want to hear from interesting, cool or badass WOMEN in the food industry you have found your podcast.  Some of my favorite episodes include interviews with Margaret Braun and Ruth Reichl.