Friday's Fab Finds - Tiny House resources

Something not everyone knows about me is that I LOVE a tiny house. I Dream of a tiny house. I long for the day that I can live in a tiny house.  But, I love my partner more than I love the idea of a tiny house.  So, Aaron and I live in our fantastically perfect house in Redwood City - and I work in a tiny office.

My obsession with the tiny/small house movement has created a long list of resources.  Today's 5 Fab Find are some of my faves!  Many of these ideas/resources apply to all sizes of houses so keep reading you are sure to find something to inspire you.

P.S. for me a tiny house isn't 200 ft.² it's actually about 800 - 1000 feet.

1. Tiny House Talk:  This site is filled with tons of resources, ideas and lots and lots of Tiny House talk.  You can find info tiny homes, micro buildings and more.  One of my favorite resources.

2. Erica Reitman - Interior Designer:  Erica is a badass when it comes to interior design.  She is an expert at small spaces.  She does more than talk the talk - she walks it.  She has lived in small spaces all over.  With a bit of help from Erica you can take your small space from drab to fab.  Check out her YouTube channel to see her ideas in action.  And her blog is a teriffic resource.... This tiny bedroom hack is awesome!

3. Kitchen Storage idea - by DIY Crafts You:  This blog isn't dedicated to small houses but I LOVE this kitchen hack.   Don't stop at the kitchen you can use this idea  in the  bathroom or an art studio.  

4. Waterhaus by Green Pod Development:  The Waterhaus design speaks to me - it is a beautiful design for living in 450 sq. feet.  But this is just one of the many designs that you can find at Green Pod.   The founders of this company are on a mission to simplify the building  process for pre-fab homes.  Check out all of the different options they offer.

5 Tumbleweed Tiny House Company:  This was the first site I visited when I became interested in the Tiny Houses.  Here you can find the ultimate house on wheels and it is SUPER tiny - less than 200 ft. tiny.  This of course doesn't mean the awesomeness of these homes is tiny, just the opposite.  There are tons of resources on building your own tiny home.  Or if you want to go a bit bigger be sure to check out their cottage plans for designs up to 900 sq. ft.