Giveaway: National Random Acts of Kindness Week

Did you know it's National Random Acts of Kindness week?
This year the celebration runs the week Feb 14 - 20 and National Acts of Kindness day is Feb. 17 - that's tomorrow!

The surprising thing about kindness is that you can't fail.  If you carry out your kind act without expecting something back, you win, and you make someone else feel good.

To up the kindness quotient we are celebrating National Random Acts of Kindness week by giving away a Freebie.  I put together a collection of fun quotes and doodles by Emma (she perfect for this since her art company is Kindness by Emma).

Click here to download the freebie.  It will be great printed on sticker paper or on cardstock to add accents to your planner, scrapbook or creative project.  Need to know how to use the digital download - here are some tips.

Let's all take some time this week and put kindness at the top of our priority list.

Curious to know more about Nation Acts of Kindness week?  You can check out  They even have a kindness pledge. 

Need RAK ideas...Here is my favorite one:
STEP 1:  Head to the local coffee shop.
STEP 2: Purchase a $20 gift card.
STEP 3: Return the card to the cashier and ask them to use it to buy coffee for the next several patrons.
STEP 4: Request to be anonymous.
STEP 5: Get your cup of coffee, sit back and watch what happens.  It is delightful to see the smiles it can produce.

For more kindness ideas check out this list compiled by

Your acts of kindness will be remembered.