How I use my Get to Work Book

There are lots of planners out there and I found planner peace when I started planning in the Get to Work Book.

The reasons this is the right book for me:
•    It is clean and simple Black and White – this lets me leave it unadorned or muck it up with ink, paint, stamps, stickers or whatever is in the studio
•    You can get the book spiral bound or unbound (just ask Elise).  I opted for unbound and punched it to fit in an A5 planner.  I quickly switched from a binder to using rings - it's lighter and allows for endless customization.
•    The project planning pages are helpful and simple to use.
•    The month review pages are thoughtful but not overwhelming.
•    Format for the week is vertical vs. horizontal.
•    Lots of room for notes.
•    Paper thickness is yummy (yep I use that word to describe paper) – you can write with a fine tip sharpie and no bleed thru!!

Those are the highlights.  Read on to find out the nitty gritty of how I use my Get to Work Book keep reading.

Monthly Planning:
I always start with the monthly spread.  Set up usually happens on the weekend before the new month.
Monthly pages are where I have more fun and get creative.

Here I map out any days travel days or work away days.  I use washi tape to mark them off in the book.
I plug in holidays, birthdays, special occasions.
There are always a few stickers, die cuts and then I add some notes about key things for the month. 
Something new this month - sticking to a color pallet - see the notation about which color pens I am using in February.

The page will fill up...As the month goes along, I come back to this spread and write down something that happened on each day.  It might be a big or small thing.  I love having a snapshot of the month’s happenings.

This is what January looked like at the end of the month.

Weekly Planning:
Detailed planning happens on Sunday...My week just isn't the same if I don't set aside time to plan.  There are two parts:  Appointments and Tasks

Scheduled appointments:
1.     At the top of each day, I note if someone in the house is working from SF or elsewhere
2.    I leave one top box open for the MUST do daily task
3.    Hydration get's the third top box.  It is a goal for 2016 - clearly I need to do a better job since nothing was checked off on Monday yet!!

4.    I check my iPhone for any scheduled appointments and add them to the GTWB (that's shorthand for Get to Work Book)

Task planning:
1.    Review the previous week for any tasks that didn't get completed - these are the start of my brain dump list for the new week.
2.    Add everything that I can think of that has to be done this week to the brain dump list.  EVERYTHING – personal and work.  It all goes on one list.
3.    Review any current project plans and see if there are any tasks with deadlines this week and add those to the brain dump list.
4.    Before the to-dos move to the planner, I do a quick review to make sure these are a priority THIS week.  If they can wait, they are eliminated.  I remove items from last week unless they are a top priority.  I use to move things from week to week, and the list would grow and grow - now I am ruthless.  If completion isn't needed THIS week, it doesn't go on the list.
5.    Now the final list gets transferred to the gridded portion at the bottom of the weekly spread in the GTWB.

6.    The last step is to assign each task to a day.  Assigning tasks to a particular day is mission critical. If I don’t do this, stuff doesn’t get done.  I tend to heavy up on Monday and Tuesday, place fewer tasks on days where I know I have more meetings and put less writing on Fridays.  And if possible, I try not to put things on the weekend unless they are personal.

If time allows or I need the creative outlet…I will jazz up the weekly spread with a few stickers or stamps.  I don’t do much decorating on the weekly pages.   There isn't much room with my task lists and appointments.

That's how I use my Get to Work Book!  It doesn’t do the work for me, but it sure makes getting the work done easier and more pleasant.

Check out this link to see a walk thru of the planner from its creator Elise.