Friday's Five Fab Finds: Valentine's

Friday, I could just hug you!  Can you believe this is the last Friday of January?  We are on the cusp of February and this Friday our finds are focused on Valentine's.  But not just any Valentine's these all have a handmade aspect to them.  Follow the links to get all the details and make your sweetie something special this holiday.

Have you found the perfect something, for that perfect person in your life?  Be sure to share in the comments below.  You might just help someone out!

Happy Friday!

1. DIY Sharpie mugs:  Do you have a coffee or tea lover in your life?  A customized mug is the perfect Valentine's gift.  The mugs on Living Your Creative sparked my creativity since she used black mugs.  I like a black mug - they seem less messy to me.  The key to the success of these mugs is using the oil based paint Sharpie pen.

2. Heart Hand Warmers:  Much of the country has a chill in the air during the Valentine's holiday and these darlings make perfect gifts. On The Idea Room blog you will find simple step by step instructions to make these.  The supply list is super short and everything is pretty easy to track down at your local craft and grocery store.

3. Today I've loved your for...This card is perfect for Valentine's Day or anytime you want tell your sweetie how much you love them.  You can personalize the card by using the free template that Jenny Collier is sharing on her blog.  And with this website you can plug in the day you fell for your honey.  It does the math.  All you need to do is pop over to the computer, update the template and print it out.  If you don't have a color printer you can send it out to your local copy shop.

4. Love you to Pieces treats:  This is a great gift for anyone who loves peanut butter and chocolate!  It was created by Crystal at  A Pumpkin & A Princess.  Originally designed for Father's Day but it can easily be adapted to Valentine's Day.  Download the printable tags, combine white cardstock and a color printer and you are all set.

5. Easy Handmade cards:  Real Simple magazine has come up with 9 fun and sweet handmade Valentine's Day cards.  Click here to see all of the designs.  They are simple and will delight the guy or gal in your life.