One little word - 2016 - intrepid

Ah, a new year and a new word. 

For 2016 my word is INTREPID.  This is my fifth year doing the One Little Word project.  Some years I have gone merrily along not worrying about my word and it finds its way into my days.  Last year I took Ali Edwards One Little Word class which was awesome.  The journaling prompts helped me keep the word present throughout the year.

This year I have my word present in my surroundings.  I wear it on my wrist and around my neck, It's hangs in my studio, I have a photo my phone, it's in my journal and here on the blog.

Why this word?  It's a powerful word and it has more than one meaning.  I could have gone for a simpler word.  But INTREPID needed to be my word.

Like in years before - the word actually seemed to pick me.  I spent most of December thinking and mulling about my word.  December was a time of transition for me personally and professionally.  It had ups and downs.  I felt myself withdrawing from the world and the more I felt like hiding the more INTREPID spoke to me.  

I was at the proverbial fork in the road.  And for once in my life I was going to choose the scary option.  The path that would be hard.  The path that hadn't been walked.  The risky path.  I knew that if I made this choice that I would have to lead a fearless life in 2016.  I needed to be bold and brave and not step away but rather lean into what opportunities were before me.

I am so incredibly lucky.  I am not alone.  I have people who love me and support me.  They cheer for me and pray for me.  Now I need to cheer for me too.

I need to be INTREPID.  Here are just a few ways I am going to be my word:

  • Fearlessly launch a new career and business
  • Explore boldly traveling to new destinations near and far
  • Peel back the layers of things that scare me in my personal relationships and going deeper
  • Get social  -- meet new people even if I am nervous (read terrified)
  • Try new things creatively even if they don't work out

In my head this list is WAY longer and throughout the year I will explore more ways that living and INTREPID life will serve me.

Keeping my word visually present is important - these are just a few of the ways that I am doing this in 2016:

Check out the amazing artists that I got my One Little Word treasures from :)

And if  you want to learn more about this project you can visit Ali Edwards' blog she shares a ton about her process.

If you have a word for the year I would love to know what it is!  Please share it below in the comments.