Jumping in with both feet - Declaring our manifesto

Hey Peeps!

It's a new year and the beginning of something fresh and sparkly.  It's time to get excited and exhilarated.  It's time to be all in.   For me, 2016 is about creating something new for people who want to be joyful and creative in their everyday life ( just a little or a whole lot).

Creative Mercantile  will be dedicated to bringing you unique information, products and inspiration to help sprinkle in a dose of creativity - no muss, no fuss.  You will find tools that help you easily add creativity and joy to your day planner, notebook, bulletin board, fridge or anywhere you decide to use the goodies you will find here.  

BIG HINT - There will be a product announcement on January 28, 2016!!

Creative Mercantile can help you shine, show gratitude and make your day more awesome.  Our Manifesto was created to keep us focused on achieving this. It's posted here and on our About Us page for all to see…

2016's roadmap is just coming together and I can't wait to explore every nook and cranny of where we go and see how 2016 unfolds.

This will be your year too! You can create your own Manifesto and declare what you want.  To help you I have created a 4 step guide to creating your own Creative Manifesto.  

To get your FREE copy of A Guide to Writing Your Creative Manifesto CLICK HERE.

I hope you will share your declaration with the me and the creative community on Instagram.  I want to cheer you on as you explore your dreams and chart your course.   And when you share it on Instagram, tag me @creativemercantile and use the hashtag #creativemanifesto so that I can find you! 

You are going to do amazing things this year I just know it!