Friday's Fab Finds: Coffee Cups

Hello, Friday! I could just kiss you...
It has been a whirlwind week with the Mercantile Mail launch set for tomorrow!!  There's still time to be a VIP and save 10% - click here to get on our list and be the first to have all the details!

What got me through this busy week? COFFEE!!
And my caffeine addiction set this week's Fab Five theme.  There is a coffee cup for every occasion, and these five cups are my ab-fab.  There are cups for brewing, relaxing at home and when you are on the go.  You might just find a new favorite!

If you are a coffee lover let me know what's your favorite cup?

1. Cross Stich Mason Jar Mug Holder: I have an addition to canning jars.  When I found this cup, my heart skipped a beat.  This leather holster slips onto a 16oz. standard wide mouth jar elevating the basic canning jar to thing of coffee greatness.  These are made in the USA and the craftsmanship it outstanding.  The sleeve slides off for cleaning, and if your order one it comes with a Mason Jar.  There are lots of design options Model 1 is just my fave.  See what the Holdster team has to offer here - including a silicon version. 
2. We are Happy to Serve YOU - Ceramic cup:  Having lived in NY this cup is a favorite, and it brings me right back to my morning coffee in NYC.  This design is famous  - it dates back to 1963 and Solo cup owns the license.  It's the perfect gift for any NYC coffee lover.  It comes in two sizes 10oz or espresso sized.  (I have the 10 oz)  You can pick yours up here.
3. Meno Espresso Cup:  This is the perfect espresso cup.  notNeutral designed this beauty, and it's a perfect marriage of form and function.  It keeps the espresso hot, and it feels lovely when you hold it in your hand -  no handle to get in the way.  To my delight, it is dishwasher safe!! You can select your cup in black or white.  It also comes in other sizes such as Latte and Cappuccino.  You can see the entire selection here
4. Timbuk2 - Blue Bottle - Travel Kit:  This is more than a cup it is the obsessive coffee maker & travelers dream come true.  In this perfect Timbuk2 bag, you will have everything you need to brew up the perfect cup of joe for you and a travel companion.  The kit comes with an initial supply of beans, a mini hand grinder, travel drip brewer + filters, 2 cups and felt cup covers.  If you LOVE your coffee fresh brewed you will love this Coffee Kit.  Check it out here.
5. Cannon Lens Travel Cup:  I adore this travel mug - it always makes me feel like pulling out my Cannon Rebel and taking some snap shots!  This mug it totally realistic.  Perfect for keeping your coffee hot while you are on the go.  It does need to be hand-washed.  You can pick one up here for a deal.  Oh and if you prefer a Nikon - they have one of those too! 

Giveaway: National Random Acts of Kindness Week

Did you know it's National Random Acts of Kindness week?
This year the celebration runs the week Feb 14 - 20 and National Acts of Kindness day is Feb. 17 - that's tomorrow!

The surprising thing about kindness is that you can't fail.  If you carry out your kind act without expecting something back, you win, and you make someone else feel good.

To up the kindness quotient we are celebrating National Random Acts of Kindness week by giving away a Freebie.  I put together a collection of fun quotes and doodles by Emma (she perfect for this since her art company is Kindness by Emma).

Click here to download the freebie.  It will be great printed on sticker paper or on cardstock to add accents to your planner, scrapbook or creative project.  Need to know how to use the digital download - here are some tips.

Let's all take some time this week and put kindness at the top of our priority list.

Curious to know more about Nation Acts of Kindness week?  You can check out  They even have a kindness pledge. 

Need RAK ideas...Here is my favorite one:
STEP 1:  Head to the local coffee shop.
STEP 2: Purchase a $20 gift card.
STEP 3: Return the card to the cashier and ask them to use it to buy coffee for the next several patrons.
STEP 4: Request to be anonymous.
STEP 5: Get your cup of coffee, sit back and watch what happens.  It is delightful to see the smiles it can produce.

For more kindness ideas check out this list compiled by

Your acts of kindness will be remembered.

Friday's Fab Finds: Charm Bracelets

Ta da!  It's Friday :) 
The weekend is upon us, and it's time to sit back, relax and check out the Five Fab Finds for the week. 

I LOVE charm bracelets.  My collection started early.  I was a Job's Daughter and received my first one at Session.  I had a mission to make it chunky and add as many charms as I could.  I miss that darling piece of jewelry - I lost it in my move from CA to NY many years ago.  By then there were others bracelets and the collection has since grown even larger.  Each piece holds wonderful memories and stories - priceless.

If you are on the hunt for your first charm bracelet, or you are looking for something special to add to your collection this week's round-up should help in your search.
I'd love to know if you have a favorite bracelet.  Let me know!!  


1. Southern States Charm Bracelet/Moon & Lola:  I love the fun bright colors of this cutie.  You can get it in silver or gold.  A lucky road-tripping girl in my life was just the recipient of this baby.  The states included are:  Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi.
2. Return to Tiffany:  This is a classic.  It is always fun to get something in the blue box.   Tiffany's has tons of charms to choose from so you can make this fit your personality to a T.
3. Kinde(RED) Collection by Alex & Ani:  These sweet and delicate bracelets have a tiny heart charm.  There are three colors of cords, and you can wear them all together to create a stacked look.  Plus, you are doing something good.  The sales of these bracelets benefit Project (RED).  Special Note:  As a plus size girl I loved the Alex and Ani bracelets because they have an amazing clasp that lets's you slide them on your wrist no matter what size you are :) not always the easiest thing when you a curvy girl.
4. KEEP Collective:  This company is part of the Stella & Dot family of brands and launched in 2015. My fave is the silicon bands - comfy to wear and fun bright colors.  These work like a belt and you simply slide on the charms.  Lots of options to add personalization, including letters to spell out a name or add a monogram.  You can shop on the website but also ask women in your community; you might know a Keep Designer, who can help you place and order.
5. Charm Builder/Brighton:  I fell for Brighton because of their bags, but I keep going back for the jewelry.  The craftsmanship is spectacular.  I will say that this is the heaviest bracelet that I have in my collection, but it has such great memories.  They have an online to help you build the perfect bracelet.